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salted peanut nutella puppy chow [SBA]

All last week, I was harboring a serious Nutella craving.

You know what I’m talking about: those days when you want–nay, need–nothing more than a spoonful or five of thick, creamy chocolate and crisp hazelnut spread. Right now, this instant.

I had to satisfy my taste buds before they mutinied.

I turned to Sally’s Baking Addiction (a favorite–seriously, go check it out) and found this recipe for salted peanut Nutella puppy chow. Um, yes please.


Crunchy, dry roasted peanuts with sea salt. Crispy Rice Chex.



Doused with a healthy serving of Nutella, melted down over the stove with butter and just a pinch of sea salt.


Shake it all up with some powdered sugar, and you’re done!

The whole thing took me no more than 15 minutes. I halved the recipe, but I regretted that less than 24 hours later when all the puppy chow was gone. It’s perfectly salty and sweet–great for munching idly on while chatting or reading.

Will I be making more this weekend? Oh yes.

Photo credit to Lauren Daurizio, who makes a mess in the kitchen but photographs it better than anyone I know.

this is a blog!

After months of researching and planning and fretting–not to mention years of drooling over countless food blogs–I’ve finally decided to launch my own baking blog.


I’m Aneesa, and this is tenderloveandcupcakes.com, where we understand that sometimes, all you want or need at the end of the day is a warm, fluffy, delicious cupcake.

I’m young and more than tied up with school, but there’s no way I’m letting that get in the way of my baking. My posts will be infrequent, but regular.

I take photos, I make messes, and I taste test generously. Join me as I figure my way out through bringing my oven to the internet! It’ll be fun, I promise. 🙂