strawberry graham icebox cake [smitten kitchen]

Did you know Florida has its own strawberry season?

The harvest runs December through March, and for any lucky states within fruit-shipping distance, this means the sudden appearance of countless boxes of vivid, juicy strawberries in our grocery stores–and the blessed drop in prices–before spring even rolls around. I was thoroughly confused the first time I experienced this last winter.

3 lbs of strawberries for $5? But…it’s February? And why do they all have these blue and black labels instead of the Driscoll’s ones?

Well, Southeast friends, the season is still in full swing. In honor of this glorious reprieve from maddeningly expensive and disappointing strawberries, I give you Smitten Kitchen’s strawberry graham icebox cake–originally made for a Memorial Day barbecue, but a fitting recipe for a time like this.


This “cake” is a celebration of strawberries in their best form: fresh, ripe, and smothered in lightly-sweetened homemade whipped cream, sandwiched between crisp graham cracker-cookie rounds that support the sweet and bursting fruit with a light crunch and hint of cinnamon. A simple topping of lemon zest adds a pop of color and brightness in every slice.


There’s a sweet spot to find with this cake. Once you’ve assembled the layers, the sturdy graham cookies will start to absorb some of the moisture from the whipped cream. Give it about an hour to rest, and you’ll see the cake collapse a bit, softening just enough to make it easy to slice and serve.


But assemble the cake too early, and your “support” will turn into something more like “the soggy biscuit pieces that fell into your tea mug”. Not unpleasant, but unwieldy for cutting. Like I said–sweet spot.



Pair this cake with good friends, a grill, a shared meal, and a pitcher of iced tea, or serve it up after a family meal and revel in this taste of spring before the seasons catch up to the date.



My good friend and star baker Sheena has inspired me to make an all-stops-pulled birthday cake for myself over spring break. Check out her Instagram here–and in particular, take a look her own Pinterest-worthy marvelous creation from a few weeks ago. (Try not to let your jaw drop too far.) Add in the siren song of Pi(e) Day puns and St. Patrick’s Day treats, and I’m about fit to burst with baking ideas. It’s going to take all kinds of willpower get through this week without casting my books aside and hiding in my kitchen for three days straight. Please send help. (And hungry mouths for when it inevitably happens anyway.)