champagne raspberry scones

Happy new year, friends.


Nearly two months late, but nothing new there.
We’re still only halfway through the first quarter, so it counts, right?


I tried to write a proper introspection recapping 2018, but the truth is that even before January 1st, I was extremely done with the year. 2018 alternated between brilliant and terrible, and by the end, I was exhausted. In a nutshell, to 2018, I say:

thank u, next.


With 2019, enter champagne raspberry scones: a version of these mimosa scones, made with a very cheap bottle of prosecco I found at Trader Joe’s right before New Year’s Eve and raspberries frozen and saved from warmer days.

The dough: fragrant, but very sticky. Simple to pull together, especially if you freeze and grate your butter. (No pastry blender needed, though it would certainly work here.) Easiest dropped onto the pan by the spoonful, misshapen pieces be damned.


The final product: an almost bready crumb, with a delightfully crisp outer layer from the long baking time. Pierced with small pockets of sweet raspberries, brushed and then drizzled with a strong but not overwhelming champagne glaze. A great side for a morning coffee, or to liven up your weekly team meeting at work.


Until next time, I raise my glass-in-a-scone: here’s to you, friends, to 2019, and to whatever comes next.