chocolate whiskey bundt cake [love and olive oil]

In honor of This Day in Which Americans Cook and/or Consume Too Much Food, I bring to you one of my all-time favorite cake recipes: Love and Olive Oil’s chocolate whiskey bundt cake with whiskey caramel sauce. This cake is easy top 5 cakes I’ve ever eaten. I’ve made it or twists on it for four different birthdays over as many years, and at least twice more outside of that for fun or for dinner parties, because it is just that good.


You can skip the caramel, if you’d like. It’s a wonderful caramel and a perfect pair for a dark chocolate cake, but I can understand that it’s not the best pick for every occasion. Vanilla frosting with funfetti sprinkles instead for a celebration? Yep, that’s excellent. I’ve done that. How about as the base of a layer cake that you then wrap in matcha buttercream and top with sparkling gold candles? I’ve done that, too, though I should warn you that’s it’s a very fluffy cake, and won’t be happy if you tower it too high without extra support. Do you just really, really love plain chocolate cake with none of the frou-frou? This cake will rise to that occasion as well.


This cake is the ideal midpoint of dense yet fluffy, rich yet eat-a-second-slice light, fudgy and chocolatey and complex. The edges crisp up in a deeply satisfying way in the bundt pan, offering a nice contrast to the much softer center. It’ll dry out quickly if you leave it uncovered on your counter in the winter (trust me on this), but a bit of foil to cover it or a pop in the fridge after day 2, and it’ll last an easy 4-5 days, which is about as long as anyone in its proximity will be willing to let it sit.


The one thing you should not do is skip the whiskey in the cake. The alcohol will bake off, but the whiskey itself lends a bite and a depth that coffee does not adequately reproduce.


I have no modifications to offer on this recipe. Nothing. Zero. Lindsay 100% nailed it, so just click the link and follow her every word.


This cake didn’t make it to our menu this year, but you should go ahead and bring it to your family’s/friends’/coworkers’ tables this weekend, or next week, or at any time, really. It’s always been a show-stopper at my table, and I’m sure it’ll be a nice standout against the many pies around yours.


Until next time, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!